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The Pictish Symbol / Mithras Connection
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The Start Point of Pictish-Mithraism
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 People, Places & Times – Setting the Scene


 The right hand side buttons link to some background information. Basically a short glossary.


Ø      It is useful to draw a distinction between Pict, Pictland and Pictish as the Symbol Stones come predominantly from what is now the North East of Scotland – Pictland – which had a population labelled as Picts.


Ø      As the author’s research has resulted in a connection between some form of Mithraism and the Symbol Stones, a short “Who’s Who” is offered to understand the chronology and location of Mitra, Mithra and Mithras.


Ø      The Mithraic religious belief (the Mysteries of Mithras) was pursued  indoors in a Mithraeum - plural Mithraea. A few were in Britannia, most in the modern-day European mainland. Remains are still visible mainly as ruins or ground outlines. Several identified on websites are mentioned in the Temples of Mithras pages.



Pict, Pictland, Pictish
Mitra, Mithra, Mithras
Temples of Mithras
Home & ContentsThe Pictish Symbol / Mithras ConnectionPeople, Places & TimesThe "Open-Air" MithraeumCarvings on the StonesMithraic Symbols Identified & DecodedChanges in BeliefsCase StudiesThe Start Point of Pictish-MithraismThe Overall Pictish-Mithraism DiscoveryAppendix A - Drawn DesignsAppendices - B to F & AnnexesBiblio Author Copyright