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Appendices B to F


The adjacent links are to Appendices referred to in the main texts:-


Ø    Appendix B - Association of the Pictish Beast Symbol with Other Symbols.

This appendix explores and records a new concept since the development and publication of the original website. The Pictish Beast Symbol seems to have specifically been positioned with, variously, the Mirror, Double Disc & Z-Rod, Arch / Horseshoe and the Crescent & V-Rod on a number of Stones. These associations are analysed and a new concept has emerged. The outcomes are in relevant, revised web pages.


Ø    Appendix CNon-Mithraic Objects.

The more numerous designs with Mithraic interpretations have been drawn (Appendix A) with explanations of their decodes. Those other relevant objects with lower occurrence have also been included in the “Pictish Symbol Stones Decoded” web pages. The remainder are identified and commented upon in this Appendix but no recommendation is made of their part in the Mysteries of Mithras.


Ø Appendix DPictish Stones near Roman Establishments.

Analyses of the Symbols on Stones in the vicinity of three locations of Roman Camps along the Gask Ridge & the so-called Glen Blockers forts and  in the vicinity of four locations of Roman Camps between Muiryfold and Kintore.


Ø    Appendix EOriginal Locations of Symbol Stones.

These pages categorise the original and currently very visible locations of the majority of the stones. Some are listed against more than one category e.g. if in or from a churchyard near a river.


Ø    Appendix FObjects by Location.


Each Object is categorised by location using the site numbers in "The Pictish Symbol Stones of Scotland – RCAHMS 2008" publication.


Ø Annexe 1    Pictish Stones, Boars & Roman Legions

A connection is explored then made between the Boar carvings at Dores and Knocknagael and the Twentieth Legion.

Ø Annexe 2    Pictish Stones, Eagles & the Roman Army

A connection is explored between the Eagle carvings on several Stones and the Roman Army - plus who could ahve cerved them.



Appendix B - Pictish Beast associated with Other Symbols
Appendix C - Non-Mithraic Objects
Appendix D - Stones Near Roman Establishments
Appendix E - Original Locations
Appendix F - Objects by Location
Annexe 1 - Pictish Stones, Boars & Roman Legions
Annexe 2 - Pictish Stones, Eagles & the Roman Army
Annexe 3 - Dandaleith Stone - leaflet content
Annexe 4 - Tillytarmont Stones - leaflet content
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