The "Open-Air" Mithraeum
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The “Open-Air” Mithraeum - Concept, Practicalities & Reality


The three adjacent links consider the concept of a Temple of Mithras that is outdoors rather than indoors.


Ø    Practising Mithraic Beliefs Outdoors – A Concept

In “People, Places and Times”, we saw that in the first to fourth centuries CE followers of Mithras were typically in the Roman Army from locations across many parts of the Roman Empire including Britannia. We also saw examples of the Temples of Mithras. Based on the concept, construction and practical use of an “indoor” Mithraeum the alternative could be an “outdoors” type. These could be in any country that formed part of the Roman Empire, maybe elsewhere. As this book focuses on what is called Pictland the alternative is looked for there.


Ø    Practising Mithraic Beliefs Outdoors – The Practicalities

The concept of an outdoors or “Open-Air” Mithraeum will remain just as a concept unless any obstacles to realising it are overcome. The practicalities of suitability and availability of construction materials, what symbols need to be shown and physical location will turn concept into reality.


Ø    The “Pictish” Open-Air Mithraeum – Concept to Reality


Having overcome any practical barriers to construction and location a design is needed to emulate the components that usually would be seen in an Indoor Mithraeum – some sort of template. Inspiration to cause this reality would need to come from someone. We need to decide who that someone is. But first with the earlier connection made between Pictish Symbols and Mithras we need to see if there actually are Open-Air Mithraea.

Who placed the carvings on these Stones and what they represent is discovered later in this website.




Concept to Reality
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